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Frequently Asked Questions

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Ordering Tips
Sizing for Ladies & Girls
Sizing for Men & Boys
Tips for Ordering as an Individual

Ordering Tips

Question - Why won't my order go through? Why is it being rejected?
Answer - The billing address for your payment method must match the address that your issuing financial institution or bank has on file. This is usually the address to which the statements are mailed to each month. This address does not have to be the same one that we ship your order to, but your order cannot be processed without the correct billing information.

Question - If I chose to upgrade my shipping will I get my Order quicker even though you state "4 or 5 week Production" for my item?
Answer - Not really. We will ship your item as soon as it is available. However, unless the item is on hand we will need the posted Production time. Your shipping upgrade will reduce the time in route to you.

Question - Can I get a Dress in a color that is not listed?
Answer - In some cases yes you can. Just give us a call and one of our Sales Associates will be happy to assist you.

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Question - I need to exchange an item for a different size. When will I get my new size?
Answer - In most cases we ship within 2 weeks providing your return garment has been received at our facility.

Question - Do I have to pay any additional charges to exchange an item?
Answer - You will only pay for shipping the return to us. There is no shipping charge for shipping the new item to you unless you request to upgrade your shipping.

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Sizing for Ladies & Girls

Question - How can I tell if i need a Youth size or an Adult size dress for my child?
Answer - Use accurate measurements to determine the size needed. Also, if you do not normally buy clothing for your child in the same section as you buy your own clothes, then you probably need a Youth size.

Question - Are the Adult gowns based on Missy or Women's sizes?
Answer - All of our Adult dresses are based on Missy sizing unless it has the letter "W" after the numerical size. Example: Size 18 is a Missy size. Size 18 W is a Woman's size.

Question - I normally wear a Women's size (such as a 18W) but on your size chart, I have gone up two sizes. Is this normal?
Answer - If the Size options in the drop-down box does not have the letter "W" behind the number (for example, it shows only "18" instead of "18W"), then the gown is based on Missy sizing. It is completely normal to go up on to two sizes. Use accurate measurements to determine your size.

Question - Can I choose a size based on weight and age for my child?
Answer - No. This is not recommended. Use accurate measurements instead.

Question - Should I add to my measurements to allow for growing room?
Answer - Never do this. Adding to your measurements will cause you to order a size that is much too large.

Question - What is a skirt length?
Answer - Skirt lengths are measured from the natural waist to the end of the garment.

Question - What do I do if my dress fits me perfectly but the skirt is too long for me?
Answer - You will need to have your gown hemmed by a local seamstress. We do not offer this service.

Question - What if my dress fits perfectly but the skirt is too short?
Answer - We off Tall lengths in all of our gowns. Our Tall option adds 3 inches to the total skirt length.

Question - What are the half sizes in your Youth styles?
Answer - Half sizes (such as the 8 1/2 Y) are compatible to Youth Plus Sizes. This means that the waist has a less tapered, more generous cut, when compared with our standard Youth sizes (such as the 8 Y).

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Sizing for Men & Boys

Question - How do I pick a size for a tuxedo coat?
Answer - With the arms down at the side, measure around the chest to include the arms. Subtract 7 inches from your measurement. This is the size that you need to order. If the measurement is an odd number, (such as 43), choose the next size up (such as 44).

Question - How do I measure for a tuxedo shirt?
Answer - NECK SIZE: Measure around the neck. you should not be able to put more than 1 finger between the tape measure and the skin. This measurement is the neck size. SLEEVE LENGTH: Locate the neck bone. This can be found by having the individual turn their back to you, then look down. You will see a bulge in their neck. this is the neck bone and your starting point. Measure from the neck bone to the shoulder bone. Write this number down. Now, measure from the shoulder bone all the way to the wrist bone. Add your measurements together. This is the sleeve length that you will order.

Question - What is the difference between a Youth Large tuxedo shirt and a Men's XS (13-13.5/30-31)?
Answer - The biggest difference is that the men's shirt is cut for an adult's body and is longer than the youth shirt.

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Tips for Groups Ordering as Individuals

Question - I am a director and I have found myself swamped with the stress of teaching, planning our performance, and ordering the groups' outfits. What can I do?
Answer - So that you can spend more time teaching and less time planning, have the members of your group place their orders individually on our secure website. You simply choose the item(s), give them an order deadline, and they take care of the rest.

FWO Extras Tip: Requiring your group members to turn in a copy of their confirmation will help you ensure that all members have placed their orders and that they will be prepared for their performance on time.